Do you feel like you could achieve more in your personal or professional life but not sure how? Let me share with you the empowering effect knowledge and preparation has on the human ability to succeed. I have spent a lifetime learning and re-learning the valuable education and people principles I believe are keys to real success.

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CC Education & Business Services

CC Education & Business Services is owned and managed by Dr Gail Crossley-Craven.


Major businesses rely heavily on the ability of speakers in coaxing executives and employees to perform well in their chosen roles for the efficiency and effectiveness of the person as well as the business. My speaking opportunities, keynote presentations and workshops have influenced clients in Australia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Middle East. I have a transformational approach that is thought provoking and awakening.


Life Coaching & Mentoring

To have a Life Coach and Mentor is truly an asset. Everybody needs one at some point in their lives. I guide clients in clarifying a vision of how they would like their personal and professional life to be and help them to make it a reality. I provide the knowledge clients need to capitalise on their natural skills and talents, to develop and become empowered to live a better life.

Business Coaching & Mentoring

The most common and cliche’ advice about seeking a happy life and prosperous career is to “follow your passion.” People are notorious for seeking fulfilling and passion-filled jobs, only to be left disappointed. I will coach and mentor you to develop valuable and unique skills, in other words, to develop mastery so that you can achieve your desired level in your professional life.

Personal Support

You don’t have to go through tough situations on your own. I help clients by providing strategies and approaches that can release pressure from life’s tense and stressful situations and events. I can help you overcome unhelpful and potentially destructive patterns of behaviour.

Individual Wellness Planning

I will work with you on an individual basis with your individual health issues, circumstances, challenges and goals. My holistic approach can assist you to prevent unwanted physical, emotional, relationship and employment problems. You are your most valuable life investment.

“Menamorphosis” is a specifically designed and targeted program to suit men’s needs for the benefit of their personal and professional life.


My foundation masterclasses are levelled to suit where you are in your personal and professional life. They offer the opportunity for participants to engage in specific disciplines that can be implemented in their work and personal life. Let me strengthen your professional expertise and credibility to develop….

Your Hidden Leadership
Your Hidden Genius
And The Power Of…
“Interdependence For Personal and Business Life”

How to use your Hidden Leadership, your Hidden Genius And the Power of Interdependence to create your own Unique Brand of Success!




My courses are designed with a holistic approach to develop clients’ personal and professional skills. They are comprehensive and are ideal for busy lifestyles.

Develop your skills and move yourself to the next level to achieve life balance in your personal and professional life!

Educational Support

I offer educational support and counselling to provide a listening ear, solid advice and strategies that are individualised. Being attuned to different learning styles and learning difficulties that can cause student anxiety and learning blockages, I adjust learning strategies based on the modalities of my clients so that they can reach their true potential in a calm learning environment.
Making changes on a larger scale starts with making positive changes and developing ourselves. I can help you transform for the better personally and professionally. Throughout my extensive career, I have been providing quality educational services, business coaching/consultation/mentoring and personal support in a non-threatening and calm manner and environment.

Dr Gail Crossley-Craven, CC Education & Business Services

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What People Say

I had the pleasure of attending various workshops and conferences with Dr Gail . She has been a very dynamic , resourceful and easy to approach person . I am sure with her outstanding traits she can be a great coach.

Dato’ Sri Ganes
Digital Transformation Leader

Because of Dr Gail my children have exceptional education and confidence, for career & life.

Kathy Gilbert
High energy business leader, executive coach, and architect of complex transformation programs, projects and change

I highly recommend Dr Gail CC in any of her capacities which is quite extensive. She is professional, personable and connects on a human level in all our dealings.

Wayne Hamburger
Lending Specialist at Shadforth Financial Group Ltd

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Gail on a couple of projects over the last few years which has been amazing. Gail’s knowledge in business and life along with her integrity is a rare quality to find. If you have a project that you need a leader and someone with clear defined communication and outcomes, then look no further. I can recommend Gail without hesitation, so if you are reading this and wondering should you work with Gail… The Answer is YES!!!

Colin Cooper
A leader in human behaviour language and Emotional Intelligence , lead generation and funnel expert, keynote speaker

I would recommend Gail as she taught me while I was studying business. She has excellent communication skills.

Daniel Livingston
Master of Business (Professional Accounting) QUT

I previously dealt with Gail on a professional basis in my capacity as a solicitor.

I found Gail to be clear and concise with her instructions and very approachable in discussing issues relating to the matter we worked on together. She was a wonderful client to deal with.

Cameron Scott
Senior Associate at Sentinel Law

Dr Gail is very inspirational and highly educated, knowledgeable in many areas of business, education and practicality.

I find her to be very genuine and of course, she is willing to assist others with advice and her knowledge.

Graeme Barton
Managing Principal at Wuxi International Child Care Centre

When I first read the line “Everyone needs a Dr CC” I didn’t fully appreciate what it meant. Now, 18 months on from making my first phone call, I can see that Dr CC offers a calm voice of reason that is non-judgmental or pushy. Dr CC (Gail) is thoroughly professional in her coaching services, which she delivers with flexibility and positivity to suit the busy schedule of a modern family. Gail is an invaluable resource and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Cathy Barker
Marketing for creativity and community

I would like to recommend Dr Gail as an educator and consultant. Dr Gail can understand business needs and provide practical solutions through relevant and effective training and mentoring programs. I have worked with Dr Gail for many years, and she has always demonstrated high standards of professionalism and ethics.

Javier Amaro Castillo
Vice President East Asia and the Pacific at International Vocational Education and Training Association (IVETA)

Dr Gail has an amazing corporate viewpoint on how to conduct business and as a result of her ability to provide advice through real life examples, I have been able to adjust my approach to doing business, especially with the varied range of people I deal with. I encourage anyone that is looking for a new, different and modern approach to business that you look to Dr Gail as a guide.

Andrew Roper
Wines to the Stars – Backstage Cellar Door for bands KISS, Rolling Stones, Madonna, Ed Sheeran, GnR, Def Leppard, QOTSA

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