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Personal wellness is a state of multidimensional health and satisfaction

Wellness plans are developed and maintained for optimal overall wellbeing. Dr Gail Crossley-Craven will develop a tailored wellness plan to take all aspects into consideration.

In the Individual Wellness Plan, Dr CC will assess all areas of your life that impact on your health and happiness. From diet and lifestyle factors impacting on your physical health to the role that stress, emotional issues, self-esteem and way of thinking can affect your quality of life. In reality, health is at the core of wellbeing. If your health is not at the peak of its potential, it can lead to unwanted physical, emotional, relationship and employment problems.

Dr CC will work with you on an individual basis through consultation and coaching in each aspect of your life. The initial consultation will assess your current position and form the base for your Individual Wellness Plan. As every individual is different, every person’s food plan is also different.

Through careful analysis of each person’s dietary choices and preferences, nutritional strategies can be applied to address health concerns for optimal potential. Naturopathy aims to treat the whole person and emphasises prevention and client education to support the individual’s wellness.

Dr CC will tailor your Individual Wellness Plan to meet your individual health issues, circumstances, challenges and goals.

This will include:

  • Initial consultation to assess overall health concerns and goals.
  • Personalised advice and plans (for all aspects of your life).
  • Work-Life Balance strategies.
  • Individual tools, advice and counselling targeted to identified issues and desired outcomes.
  • Individualised resources may include (but not limited to) guided meditations, mind exercises, reading information applicable for your lifestyle, planners, email support.

A wellness plan with personalised professional support gives you the encouragement, strategies and impetus to change your life positively. A standard session’s duration is usually 60 minutes. However, the first session is usually 1.5 hours.

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