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Life can seem to be difficult at times

The stress and strains of everyday life can place people under immense pressure.

These include

✓ Bereavement.
✓ Relationship communication.
✓ Work problems.
✓ Sadness, depression, feelings of failure, stress or anxiety.
✓ Problems with alcohol, drugs or gambling.
✓ Eating disorders.
✓ Anger issues.

Dr CC adopts a caring and understanding approach in a supportive environment that seeks to heal emotional wounds and cure unhealthy human connection

Dr CC can help to provide strategies and approaches that can release pressure from tense and stressed situations. Unhelpful and potentially destructive patterns of behaviour can be overcome.

Dr CC assists clients to explore their problems, blockages, difficulties and suggests ways that restore vibrant, positive and healthy connections.

Sessions offered by:

✓ Face-to-face
✓ Telephone
✓ Skype

A standard session’s duration is usually 60 minutes. However, the first session is usually 1.5 hours.

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Dr Gail Crossley-Craven travels to any location to provide the services for her client’s convenience