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Life Lessons
With Dr Gail Crossley-Craven

Dr Gail Crossley-Craven has seen the empowering effect knowledge and preparation has on the human ability to succeed. She has spent a lifetime learning and re-learning the valuable education/people principles she believes are truly keys to success.

Gail conducts seminars and workshops on business and self- development related topics, is a conference speaker, consults to small businesses and counsels and educates clients to be the best version of themselves, regardless of age and capability.

Dr CC, as she is often called, has a rich experiential and educational background, with qualifications in education, business, psychology and natural therapies. She brings an eclectic wealth of expertise from the educational, counselling and business arenas.

You live with yourself 24/7.

Dr Gail Crossley-Craven

The thing I adore about Dr Gail Crossley-Craven is that she seems to live what she preaches.

As a perpetual student of books, formal education and life, Gail has a calm manner of communicating her ideas, that is well, VERY calm… (Note to self – I need to ask her next time we speak, if she has always been that composed, or is that taught? I’ll keep you posted!)

It seems that her understanding of reaching self acceptance and overcoming the crippling effects of fear, come from her belief that “you are never too old to change”.

We have all heard the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, well if an old dog wants that dangling bone enough, he will find a way to learn that new skill.

We all know that humans are no different.

The clients who have benefitted the most out of reading the Design You book, are the ones who have said “enough is enough! I am not doing this anymore!”

They have chosen to face their discomfort and learn the strategies and skills to take themselves away from the space they are currently in.

Maybe there’s a reason that life wasn’t meant to be easy? Just maybe, those tough times are designed to get us out of the rut that we find ourselves in from time to time?

Even if this thought doesn’t sit well with you, would reframing bad experiences make them any worse if we thought of them as an opportunity to learn and to grow?

Gail says the “buck stops with us”.

If things are uncomfortable and feel out of alignment, how about we spend that dollar wisely and invest in asking ourselves these questions:

How will changing my perspective affect how I feel in the next 24 hours, the next week, month, year?

What were the one or two things that I did well today?

What can I do right now (even the smallest step) that will make me feel like I have taken some action to get out of this rut I find myself in?

There is no doubt at all, that self reflection is an important tool to keep us moving forward and away from feeling so ‘stuck’.

However, introspection must be balanced with a healthy understanding of who we really are, through:

recognising our limiting beliefs and choosing to release them
understanding how the fear of (insert your fear here) is holding you back
the habits we keep that work for us, and the ones that no longer serve our mission
humbly recognising our awesomeness
powerfully embracing our purpose and stepping into our true interior self
being you. Just You. Warts and all.

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